НажмитеBy: Wayne BrownWinter is closing on Montana

Cold Artic air is flowing down

There's strays up in the large nation

Time to deliver them to lower ground

4 cowpokes saddle their mounts

Head out up the mountain trek

They're sayin' snow by morning

Have sleeping bags for winter to have to round up strays and get back

The wind is presently blowin' swift

It stings the bare hands and face

Winter sends it cold, cold warning

These cowpokes are in a race

Upward they climb on regular steed

Riding towards the large snow line

A handful of strays graze in the trees

Movin' down that's a pretty very good signal

The cattle are moving down seeking for grass

Pushed along by the colder climate

Most of them are grazing close to the trees

Clustered there to keep warm with each other

Willie and Joe will head them down the hill

Tom and Max will seem for other strays

The doggies are prone to wonder off

In this climate they'll die in days

The very first flakes of snow commence to fall

Tossing wildly about on the swift wind

The 'pokes will have to hurry

It's time for the cold winter to commence

There's a doggie over in the draw

Tom runs him down the hill

Headin' down to lower ground

Just like the many others will

The wind driven snow is whiting out

The cowpokes blinded by the storm

That ol' bunkhouse sound very good ideal now

With its previous stove blazin' warm

Nonetheless they perform the rocks and draws

Wanting for the youthful ones there

Here comes Max pushin' via the snow

And seem, he's drivin' a pair

Tom's got a youthful 1 across the saddle

The calf also cold to walk on its own

But now it's ridin' in the greatest of hands

And Tom will deliver it home

The clock is running out with every minute

The trail now can barely be produced out

Time to get down under the snow line

And flip these cattle out

Smelling the lure of lowland grass

The cattle move on in a trot

Pokes and cows running from the storm

With every little thing they've got

Down in the lowland meadows

The snow squall is well behind

But it'll be down right here quickly ample

It's just a matter of time

The cattle are settled into pasture

The pokes are back home warm and fine

All is well on this Montana ranch

As winter drops under the snow line

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